Top Down Lift Off

Top Down Lift Off

Have you have ever felt like you had all the ingredients need for a great SaaS business, but for some reason, things just never took off? You are not alone. It’s no secret that a large percentage of new businesses fail, but why is that?

The reality is that most entrepreneurs focus heavily on their product, and rarely put enough effort or investment into their go-to-market strategy. Very few actually have a functional business plan, budget, or any kind of roadmap on how to get where they want to go.

I was lucky enough to have two significant exits in 2018: Fully Managed and IT Glue. Fully Managed, a Managed Services Provider (MSP) I started in 2002, merged with another titan MSP (CareWorx). IT Glue, founded in 2013 (and my first SaaS venture), was sold to Insight Venture Partners and ultimately Kaseya.

This is how Top Down Ventures came to be. Through this journey, what we came to realize is that there are so many great businesses poised for success who just haven’t been able to capitalize. Top Down is here to change that dynamic, by helping companies to scale and execute on their vision, thereby creating lasting wealth, legacy and success for everyone involved. Capital is only part of the solution, and that’s why we are doing things a little differently.

We are proud to announce that we’ve built our core team, and placed our first three SaaS investments, actively working with the following businesses to help them get to the next level:

  • ScalePad (formerly Warranty Master) - a powerful SaaS IT lifecycle management platform which takes all the guesswork out of ensuring technology assets are managed and protected.
  • Quoter (formerly Socket) - a disruptive SaaS quoting platform which is changing the quoting paradigm and extending capabilities to the entire organization.
  • Backup Radar - a consolidated SaaS platform for reporting on backups and compliance across multiple vendors.

Please watch this space for welcome posts for each of these great organizations in the coming weeks. We’ll introduce each one in more detail, along with their founders. 2019 will be a great year, and we hope you’ll follow along with our journey. If you’ve got a business you think is ready for prime time but just haven’t been able to scale yet, please reach out to us for an initial conversation, we love connecting with inspired entrepreneurs.