About Us

We’re focused on getting your business to the next level through investment and proven go-to-market strategies.

Top Down’s Philosophy

Top Down Ventures believes the top differentiator between successful businesses and wildly successful ones is execution. Our process for managing high-level execution has led to zero failures in our 10+ years of investing in B2B companies, and our unique ability to identify uncontested market space in the technology industry is essential to our success.

We are an investment firm focused on early-stage capital for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies in the Managed Services Provider (MSP) industry. Our typical portfolio company is a software company with fewer than 10 employees and a strong product, but isn't experiencing exponential growth, probably due to weaknesses in production and operations.

Our Advantage

Our leverage over other investment firms operating in the SaaS and MSP sectors is due to our deeper understanding of the software apps that businesses really need, how to develop and deliver yours hyper-efficiently, and how to optimize operating infrastructure while staying lean and keeping a laser-like focus on your product’s purpose.

Your Needs


You are a B2B software and services company targeting IT departments, Managed Services Providers (MSP), and IT Service Providers (ITSP).

Growth Stage

You are operating somewhere in the Seed Capital and Series A stages and would benefit from Top Down’s funding and strategic expertise.


You are looking for an investment ranging from $200,000 USD to $1MM USD with reserve capital available for future rounds.


You are set up to do business across North America and are
particularly active on the
west coast of Canada
and the US.